Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Splish Splash, MP3s in the Bath

Sometimes you just want to unwind with a nice, long hot bath, am I right? Fancy oils, a glass of wine, and some soothing tunes -- oh, wait, that's right. "Soothing tunes" means cranking the stereo or wrangling your iPod and external speakers or something. Or you might consider BainUltra's Euphonia wireless (and, fortunately, waterproof) headset, which promises to help you shut out the noises of the outside world and let you listen to your New-Agey relaxation music in peace. The music itself is stored in a wall-mounted MP3 player. The headset's due in early December, but BainUltra is currently mum on the price; you'll have to keep tabs on their website for updates.

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